"We had gone to one of the big box companies and it was not a good fit.

"I like working with business owners and giving them a chance first.  Randy’s cabinets were of a higher quality and we were able to get a 30% lower price on the number of cabinets with the addition of soft close hinges and an island than we could get at the big box without the hinges or island.

"Randy made us feel as if we were his only customer.  We had to go our village’s zoning permit committee.  The plans that Randy gave us were so good that we did not have to go to an architect and incur that additional expense.  Plus, he did not charge us for those plans. 

"Everything went on schedule. The cabinets were manufactured on time, delivered on the day they said they would be delivered and at the time they said they would come to the house.  When you have a project like this, coordinating all the subcontractors is critical. Randy made sure we had everything we needed at the right time.

"The big box gave us a couple of pictures and left us to our own devices. Randy showed us the door options and finishes.  He made sure we had a full door panel to use for our tile shopping, our paint selections and for purchasing our other accents.  Rather than just having a picture to compare things to, we had the real product and could see how things would really look next to it.  We even knew how the shadows were going to play off each other.  It was a great benefit.

"Not long after we redid the kitchen the housing market collapsed and my wife and I went out to see if we could upgrade.  We looked at a million dollar home that was on the market in Kildeer. The kitchen was only about 10 years old and had all the accents with the wood paneled refrigerator and other nice details.  Our new cabinetry was nicer than what was in that house.  We came home and said that our cabinets were easily twice as nice. I said to my wife, "I don’t want to go through another renovation.  We could do it.  It was easy.  But I don’t really want to do it again with a house that I’ve just purchased." Ours still looks nicer; the doors close softer and the kitchen functions better.  I can say easily say that our kitchen belongs in a million-dollar house. 

"We had talked to three or four other cabinetry shops. Randy was head and shoulders above them. Randy offered the best products for the money.  I’d never heard of the brand.  But I did my research and they had been doing it for a long time too. For the money, their product was second to none.

"He came out and did the measurements himself.  He came out during the installation to make sure things were going right.  He came out afterwards to see how it looked.  Our satisfaction was his paramount concern.  He really wanted to make us happy. Even though we didn’t have any problems and I didn’t have to put him to the test, I could tell it was important to him that we were satisfied.

"Having a kitchen done is a little bit daunting.  Not having a kitchen for a month or more is a stressful time.  Randy made sure we stayed informed.  He eased our anxiety by making sure we knew what was going on and that everything was going exactly as it needed to go.

"I would have no reservations recommending Randy to my grandmother."

—Bill, Buffalo Grove


"Our kitchen was almost 20 years old and we decided it was time for an update. We wanted something that would be functional, would fit in with the style of our house, and be of good quality. We liked the promptness with which Lakeshore got us a price and it was a far superior price to any of their competition.

"We were on a tight timeline to get the project done. Randy was very willing to accommodate us and he made the timeline happen. 

"We didn’t make a lot of changes because our kitchen is a large kitchen with a galley and an island running down the middle of it and we did not want to reinvent the wheel.  He worked within the space we had, which is what we wanted."

—Mary, Deer Park


"We were gutting and remodeling a kitchen. We had started out at the big box stores and were really not very satisfied with what we got there. They didn’t come out and look at my kitchen.  They were designing my kitchen based on a sketch that we brought in. They didn’t come out to my house and say, "We’ve done all these kitchens and we think this would be a good idea."  They didn’t have a lot of creativity.  I would have ended up with a kitchen that I designed if I had gone with a big box store.  And it probably would not have been the best design possible.

"We liked Randy so much when he came out here that we were just sold on him.  He listened and he offered good suggestions.  When he and I differed, he understood where I was coming from.  He was very easy to talk to.  He understood what we were saying. 

"He was an active listener. We had one or two meetings at the house and he spent a couple of hours with us.  It was time well spent.  I think he did one set of plans.  He and I shaped them up just a little bit, tweaked them really.  He was right on target.

"We were leaning towards using the Craftsman Style in the kitchen. Randy understood completely and suggested cabinet styles that fulfilled that desire."

"I wanted a broom pantry in the kitchen.  Randy looked at the rooms adjacent to the kitchen and suggested that we put a pantry with drawers for canned goods, potato chips and the like in the kitchen.  He actually put our brooms in a cabinet in the garage because our garage is right off the kitchen. I really had to think about that a little bit.  I had always had the brooms behind a pantry door in the kitchen.   But it turned out to be the best place for the brooms. There isn’t any dust in the kitchen because they aren’t there.  It was a great idea.

"One of the things we did want was a breakfast bar.  We have a peninsula in the kitchen.  There really isn’t room enough for an island.  We hoped that we would have enough space for an overhang so that all you would have to do is pull a couple of bar stools up to the breakfast bar for a bowl of cereal in the morning. He worked that out for us. It fits in perfectly.

"We had some structural things in the wall. It is an older home and we did not know they were there until we removed the old cabinets.  He was able to, with great craftsmanship, cut out places in the cabinets so the pipes would fit back there. There was a cool air return that came in where there was a cabinet.  I thought we would have to move the return, but he suggested we create a vent under the cabinet.  He was just great at coming up with solutions like that for us.

"Lakeshore exceeded my expectations. I have actually told people that this is the nicest kitchen I have ever had. The cabinets are the nicest, the design is the nicest, and I love everything about it."

—Tina, Park Ridge


"We were rehabbing and building an addition on our house and working with a general contractor named Danny Perkins. When it got down to the last few details, such as the mantle on our fireplace and some cabinetry, Dan suggested we contact Randy.

"Randy came by and looked at the site. We talked about what we wanted by way of the design and materials.   He went off, pulled together some sketches and did some additional preliminary design. We talked about those and then talked a little bit more. At the next meeting we were presented with the plans, a budget, and went forward with the project.

"He created three fireplace mantels and cabinetry that went into a stairwell where we have two wine refrigerators. It wasn’t a big job but it is a focal point.

"Randy was attentive throughout the process. He did the work. He was meticulous in how he designed it and how it would navigate the idiosyncrasies of our space. He did a great job of getting the measurements, making the cuts, gathering the materials, and determining the finishes.  His workmanship was great and everything was installed properly.

—Brian, Evanston


"We were moving into an existing home. Remodeling the kitchen and master bath represented a substantial investment and I wanted to make sure we were getting the features and benefits that would be advantageous to us, so we included some upgrades. Randy worked with us to determine what to include and how to design both rooms.  He introduced some ideas we might not have otherwise considered.

"He came highly recommended. When he was making suggestions about what to build into the kitchen, he did something that was really nice; he actually took us to his house and showed us some of the features he had included there, which allowed us to incorporate new ideas during the planning stage.

"The CAD drawings Randy produced were great. You could tell exactly what things were going to end up looking like rather than having to conceptualize them in your mind’s eye. 

"Since we made some significant changes in the look and feel of the kitchen, Randy’s guidance was really helpful.  We discussed various colors and tones of wood for the cabinets and he helped us narrow our search. While the basic layout of the kitchen remained essentially the same, he helped modernize and transform it to reflect the style we wanted.  We told him what we liked and he helped us pick things that made sense.

"We made some major changes in the layout of the master bathroom because the original room didn’t have what we wanted and it wasn’t where we wanted it. We explained to Randy what we wanted and he said, "OK, that’s doable." He did the rough drawings, then the CAD drawings, which resulted in a great design that really works for us. It is very different from what we had. Gone was the dinky shower stall on the right; instead we have a spacious steamer/shower on the left. We got rid of the soaker tub and created a water closet.  This was actually more of a makeover than the kitchen. Randy suggested we use some otherwise challenging space to house a floor to ceiling, doublewide linen cabinet.  This was a great idea since the house didn’t have a linen closet.

"He definitely could hear what we were saying and reflected that in his drawings, incorporating some of his suggestions along the way.  He was excited about the projects and stayed in touch throughout to ensure that we were happy with the results.

"The quality of the drawings; the quality of Randy’s design work, the quality of the cabinetry, were all spot on. We ended up with exactly what we wanted."

—Amy, Hawthorn Woods


"Randy was the third designer that I saw. I wanted something that you did not find in other houses. I did not want everything to be the "flavor of the day". I wanted some uniqueness brought to the project. I found that Randy brought a lot of value and detail to my project.

"Key to Randy was his years of experience in commercial building and construction. He has construction business know-how. He knows how the parts and pieces go together. With Randy you have a sense that the sky is the limit. He has a great creative side and will say, "You could do this or you could do that." He made suggestions that took the project to a higher level.

"He validated that he heard me through the designs that he presented and the selections he offered.

"I have an engineering background and had spent six months conceptualizing the kitchen. When I looked at my overall design I knew I needed someone like Randy and his tools to make it a reality.

"Randy made a customized bottom trim based upon a drawing that I gave him. He carried it through on a ten foot panel on the side of my frig. He matched the factory stain. That is where true value comes in. He has that ability to do extra things that can be managed from a cost perspective because he can do it internally and still deliver the same quality of product. That’s important because you don’t have to farm things out and incur extra costs. It is almost like dealing with the manufacturer. You get the same touch and feel, but you are directly dealing with Randy.

"Randy took care of a few blemishes on the cabinets and did so in a timely fashion.  That was really important to me.

"There is not a thing in my kitchen that I would redo. The kitchen is absolutely what I had envisioned. It is what we designed from the components to the colors.  It is just what I wanted.

"The granite counter top contractor that Randy referred me to was excellent. He’s done several of the other counters in my home as well. I’ve referred him to other people. I believe in referral. If I refer someone I want to be certain they are working with someone who will get them what they want at a reasonable cost."

—Nick, Deer Park


"I also talked with a contractor who was handled through Menards. Randy’s price and the quality of his cabinets were better. Really better. Randy had also included cabinets in the laundry room.  They weren’t in the other guy’s bid. The price on Randy’s labor was also better than the contractor’s price. His price was as good as or just a hair better than the other guy was offering for just the kitchen cabinets, and Randy included the laundry room.

"He did quality work and he was fast.

"Re-doing the kitchen was my wife’s idea. Randy came over and looked at the kitchen. Connie said she wanted to open the kitchen up by removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room. Randy suggested how large to make the opening.  Then he helped us position some other things.  He suggested where to put the island.  He said to leave the sink where it was, but move the dishwasher to the other side of the sink so we could open the door without running into the stove. He said he could put lazy susans in the corners so we would have access to all the space in the back. Then he walked over to the laundry room doorway and said, "Connie, what did you have in mind for this room?" We weren’t originally talking about that at all but the price was great.  He made suggestions about what we could do, such as putting in a new countertop. 

"He knew we were are going to need knobs.  He picked them out and brought them out for us to see. They were just a perfect fit. They were great.  He installed them for us on a Saturday about a week after he had finished the work on the cabinets. 

"There was a heating vent in one corner that he had to take into account. He moved the vent and made a front piece to hide it. In the original kitchen, the oven was right next to the door and he did not think it looked finished that way.  So he installed a slender little cabinet where I keep cookie sheets.  It really does look more finished.  He was able to make suggestions when I didn’t know what to do. He was a great resource.

"The original kitchen had soffits.  The new cabinets are just gorgeous and go to the ceiling. This is so much more modern.

"At first we thought it was going to take longer because he had to order the cabinets.  But everything rolled along."

—Connie and Al Denk, Schaumburg


"You know how you think you have an idea in your head about how you are going to do it?  We knew that we were going to extend the kitchen by getting rid of the dining room. We got Randy’s name through a contractor that we had a lot of confidence in because we had worked with him before on a bath.  Randy came and talked with us and said, "Just let me see what I can do." He came up with these plans and we went "Wow!"  Nowhere in our imagination had we thought about doing everything he did. You know when it looks good on the plans.  But then when it was done, it was stunning.  It is just beautiful. We could not be happier.  Our kitchen turned out about a million times better than we ever expected.

"Our contractor did his bid based upon Randy’s plan. It was exactly what we wanted and priced right.  It fell exactly at the price we wanted.

"We were so happy with him.  He was so easy to work with.  He gave us ideas.  He was grounded.  We live in an older neighborhood and we did not want to over or under do and have to worry about getting our money out of the house should we ever sell it.

"You don’t want it to be grandiose or impractical.  I have four kids.  The plan had to be practical, to work.  He was very practically minded and we still said, "Wow!" about the plans.

"We had pictured the kitchen going the other direction and he turned it around and gave us ideas, such as putting in a bar area. 

"We wanted the kitchen done because we knew we were having a graduation party this summer.  The kitchen just flows with the rest of the house and is great for entertaining.

"He asked if I wanted drawers for my pots and pans.  I said, "No, I want cabinets."  He said, "Terri, you will really like drawers.  Just go look at them."  He encouraged us to go other places and see what else there was. I love the drawers. They are really deep drawers. They just work.

"He wanted to put a shelf in above the refrigerator and I wanted cabinets because I hate to dust.  He said, "You have enough cabinets." And he was right.  It really does look cute with the shelf.  Of course, he doesn’t have to dust.  But I admit it was right thing to do.

"He gave us a referral for buying an appliance.  We shopped around and his guy gave us the best deal of all of them. He was also by far the most knowledgeable and helpful.

"My husband was very involved.  He did 90% of the work with the contractors because he was more available for phone calls.  My husband would tell me what had gone on during the day and say, "Are you all right with this?"  He was way more involved than I was. I am very lucky to have him. He worked with Randy about the cost of cabinets and the extras.  I said what I wanted and they said whether it was or wasn’t in the budget.  It worked out fine. He did not nickel and dime us to death.

"I said I wanted to match the floor to the cabinet drawers and he brought me a drawer.  And I’m not close to him. He was so accommodating.  He made sure that it was easy for us because our schedules are tight too. 

"We had one little slip in the road with the cabinet measurement for the desk.  We did not care whether we shortened the cabinet or changed where we put the header. The header ended up being in the ceiling with a full-length cabinet beneath it.  It looks good.  Everyone worked together to make it happen.  It could have been a crisis, but it wasn’t.  

"We had a drawer that was broken and a cabinet that was scratched and he came out and did all the work himself on a Saturday morning.  Nothing goes without any blips in the road, but these were really minor.

"We’ve done other work on our house because we have an older house.  It wasn’t always this smooth.  That says a lot for these contractors. Everything was delivered on time. They were in and out of here in four weeks and four days and we had a kitchen and downstairs bath renovation. Plus, it was spotlessly clean.

"He was so thoughtful and easy going, so easy to work with.  I’ve made a number of referrals to him. I tell them his design work is awesome. 

"Randy and the contractor were here at the end and they looked at each other and said, "Wow, didn’t this turn out well?"  I think that they were really happy too.  I think they knew it was going to turn out but when it was done and they could really see it, well, it’s beautiful."

—Terri Fetter, Roselle


"We found Randy after talking with mutual friends about how we needed to find a company for our kitchen cabinets. They said, "Oh, you should talk to Randy Tureck." We received quotes from three different companies. His price was competitive. I really liked the products that we could choose from. He also invited us out to see what he had done in his own kitchen. It was such a nice, personal touch and tipped the scales in his direction.

"We did a total gut of the interior. We basically took down all the walls in our home. When you walk in the front door you can see every room in the house. So it was really important that everything have a finished look. We didn’t want a lot of appliances to be visible. He suggested  a way to hide the microwave and put the dishwasher and refrigerator behind panels. I love the look of it. There is an added bonus with the dishwasher because it helps to muffle the noise when it is on.

"When he came to the house he made a set of hand drawn initial drawings. Then he came back with CAD drawings. I asked him if he could make a couple of changes based upon how I thought I would use my kitchen. He made the adjustments and gave us new drawings. He was very, very easy to work with.

"For a second project he came to work on our basement. At first we were just going to put up some cabinets. But after we thought about it we decided to put up in a little office down there as well. We put the cabinets around the washer and dryer and added a wet sink. We ended up using two different product lines from Randy. We used the higher quality product in the kitchen and a better quality product in the basement area. Quite honestly, I like them both. The less expensive one is beautiful.

"There was a space downstairs in our laundry room where I wanted a cabinet but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get to it because of the countertop. Randy suggested putting in an open cabinet with a bar across it to hang clothing to dry. We never would have thought of that and we use it all the time.

"He did a built-in wall unit that matched the kitchen cabinets because they are visible to each other. There is a place for the TV and room for the VCR, bookshelves for display and closed shelving above and below to store things in.

"He also did our master bathroom. We had gutted it and moved everything. We changed a single vanity into a double vanity. I had previously seen a layout for a double vanity at a store that I really liked. I took a picture of it and showed it to Randy. He said that it looked great, and we could do things to really enhance it. It’s beautiful and functional. I love what he did with the whole master bathroom.

"I think our kitchen is fantastic. We have a ten-foot long island. Randy warned us that we might have a difficult time finding a piece of granite that would be long enough. And we did. So he suggested a couple of granite places for us to contact and we found it right away. That was great.

"Everything came on time as promised. On the day the cabinets were delivered, Randy came to our home and looked it over to make sure that everything was there so that when the installers came there would not be any delays.

"When the installers got the cabinets up on the wall there were a couple of doors that were crooked and I got worried that they would have to be replaced. I called Randy to tell him and he came over and showed me how to adjust them to straighten them out.

"The one end of the island is also very visible from the rest of the house. He put bookshelves there. On the other end that faces the stove, he put some shallow drawers for hot pads and such. That works great. He suggested rounding the island granite on one side in a half moon so that there would be room for our legs when we sit down at the island.

"When we’re ready we’re going to have Randy add a bar in the basement.

"The kitchen is L-shaped and the cabinets end where the family room begins. They are very visible. Randy suggested putting a shallow cabinet with glass doors on the end facing the family room so that it was decorative rather than just a plain piece of wood for guests to see. It looks much better.”

—Tracy O’Shaughnessy, Barrington


"I wanted to make sure that I was using this space to its greatest advantage. We started with a kitchen designer. After the design was done, she suggested that we talk to Randy about supplying the cabinets. She had worked with him on other projects. We were able to see one of the kitchens that she had designed where Randy had done the cabinets. The contractor we were using also suggested someone. We compared his recommendation to Randy's and we chose Randy because he seemed more knowledgeable, better able to do the job, and his price was better. He appeared to be interested in the project and interested in working with us. He seemed more attuned to us, listened to what we wanted, and seemed willing to work to fulfill our needs and our vision.

"Randy worked with the designer’s plan and was able to combine pieces from Shiloh, other companies’pieces, and custom pieces from his shop to create the look and functionality of what we wanted. For example, I wanted a pullout cabinet for my spices. It is as tall as my refrigerator. He took a Shiloh door front and Haefle’s shelving inserts that allowed us one more shelf than Shiloh’s provided. I have my olive oil and vinegar on the top shelf. I have room for everything. It works for me.

"We looked at models for ideas and had already built a vacation home, so we had already experimented and knew that we wanted drawers for my pots and pans. I did not want the typical cabinet with the half shelf that you can’t see what is in the back. I had previously had a pantry with deep, stationary shelves where, granted, I could store a lot of things in it, but because I could not see what was in the back, I often ended up throwing a lot of things out because they were out of date. Randy was able to help me "see” inside the pantry by using pullout shelves. Then he ordered the extra shelves that I wanted after the initial pantry was installed.

"Our designer had included some pillars in her drawings. Randy probably could have custom carved them with his equipment. That would have been more expensive. My husband and Randy looked through Randy's catalogues to find stock pillars that would work. We have an antique piece that we really like and wanted to include in the kitchen. The pillars chosen nicely complement those on the piece.

"I had the TV on the counter before and I knew that this time I wanted my counters clear and uncluttered. I wanted all the wiring inside the cabinet, not dangling underneath. He was able to put the TV in a cabinet below the upper cabinets and build a single side panel that makes it look like both the upper cabinet and the TV cabinet are one piece. He had to plan for a cabinet that was on its side to accommodate the TV. I had initially thought that it would have a door like a roll top desk. But, to make it match the other cabinets, he made it so that it lifts up and then slides in above the TV.

"Randy is knowledgeable, capable and followed through on our expectations. He stayed in touch with us throughout the project to be certain that we got what we wanted in the way we wanted it to look.

"We have built three houses and know how important it is to be involved. We like to go to showcase houses and historic houses while on vacation. My husband dabbles in architecture. When you have an idea of what you like and what you want, when you have a vision you want it to work, then you have to find someone who can turn that vision into reality for you. I think it is a very rare person who can be a designer, decorator, whatever, and actually listen to somebody and put forth his or her vision. Randy did that for us.

"He is coming back because I am having trouble with a cabinet. It is so nice that he is personally involved and willing to come in and fix it himself. He has the capability to build things in his shop and the knowledge of how to do it.

"Materials were delivered on time. They were here when they were supposed to be. We had everything before they had to installed. We did not have any problems with them.

"The fact that Randy has been working in the same area for many years was important to us. Longevity in business is really important nowadays.

"I feel very secure working with Randy. There is a sense that he isn’t trying to sell me something but is instead really trying to make my kitchen happen. I feel he has integrity and honesty which are also assets that someone who works with us should have.”

—Ann, Deer Park