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The first step in the process involves meeting you and seeing the project. If it is a project within your home, we will look at the immediate area to be enhanced and then will look at the surrounding rooms to develop a sense of your lifestyle and how the house flows. We will take measurements and review the physical structure of the site.

A picture of the possibilities offered by a redesign will then begin to emerge. We will discuss how you live and how the room should function to improve your lifestyle.  Our greatest resources are the individuals living in the house and by discussing your options, we will develop a concept for the emerging project.

If the project is at your business, we will take into account how the project contributes to the workflow and functionality of the business. It is also important to make choices that properly reflect the brand and image the business wishes to present to clients.

Back in our office, we develop renderings and CAD designs.  We will apply our knowledge of the industry to create the functionality that will enhance your experience in the completed project. You will then be invited to meet in our studio where we can discuss and fine-tune the specifications with our CAD system and choose the doors, finishes and detailing to make your project a design reality.

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andy was attentive throughout the process. He did the work. He was meticulous in how he designed it and how it would navigate the idiosyncrasies of our space. He did a great job of getting the measurements, making the cuts, the materials, the finishes, the workmanship, and installing everything properly.

—Brian, Evanston

Our third meeting will be back on-site to insure the design fits. The project dimensions will be verified to be certain that everything is exact to plan. We will also discuss terms so that we can move the project forward.

We provide hands on service by following the job from start to the finish. We go through the most current plans with you and the contractor/installer at the beginning and work with the installers to make sure the project is properly completed in a timely manner. Should you not already be working with a contractor/installer, we are qualified to serve you in that capacity also. We are available for questions during the process and will make a final inspection upon project completion.