Photography courtesy of Shiloh Cabinetry


Shiloh is committed to providing quality products made from quality materials. This Is reflected in the use of solid wood hanging rails, dovetailed drawers, maple laminate interiors, solid wood frames, and ½” plywood sides covered with ¼” veneer on unpainted styles.

Shiloh Doors

Shiloh Finishes


Photography courtesy of Aspect Cabinetry


Aspect Cabinetry

Aspect Cabinetry delivers quality and value with cabinets that feature raised panel oak or maple doors, solid wood hanging rails, ½” plywood drawer boxes, ¾” thick shelves and natural maple pattern laminated interiors.

Aspect Cabinetry Doors

Aspect Cabinetry Finishes



Photography courtesy of Mid Continental Cabinetry


Mid Continent Cabinetry

Offering more than 600 door style and finish combinations, Mid-Continent cabinets have 3/4" 45 lb. industrial grade particle board interiors laminated with maple grain print or white paper. Cabinet features include top and bottom hanger rails of 3/8” x 3" 45 lb. industrial grade particle board, face frames of ¾” kiln dried solid wood, and 5/8” thick adjustable wall shelving.

Mid Continent Doors

Mid Continent Finishes

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ot long after we redid the kitchen the housing market collapsed and my wife and I went out to see if we could upgrade. We looked at a million dollar home that was on the market in Kildeer. The kitchen was only about 10 years old and had all the accents with the wood paneled refrigerator and other nice details. Our new cabinetry was nicer than what was in that house. We came home and said that our cabinets were easily twice as nice. I said to my wife, "I don’t want to go through another renovation. We could do it. It was easy. But I don’t really want to do it again with a house that I’ve just purchased." Ours still looks nicer; the doors close softer and the kitchen functions better. I can say easily say that our kitchen belongs in a million-dollar house.

—Bill, Buffalo Grove